Philadelphia-based Singer/Songwriter

Born and raised in Reading, PA, Bruce Torres is a singer/songwriter with a lot of heart. His sound blends the feel of artists like Lenny Kravitz, Pearl Jam, Prince and Red Hot Chili Peppers (or so he's been told).
His songs range from the popular Philly tune "Citygirl", to the heartbreaking "Dream Child", to the heavy dance feel of "Tied" and "Better Than Waiting".
Bruce's career began in Philadelphia as a solo performer. His live act has now grown to feature a full backing band, including drummer Tom Mellon of The Parsnip Revolt, guitarist Evan McIntyre of The Silence and bass player Tony McWilliams of Dashboard Iguana.
In 2004, Bruce made his mark in Philly by creating and hosting Philly Rising Open Stage Nights at World Cafe Live and over the next three years turned it into one of the premiere musical competitions in Philadelphia.
His songs have been featured on several major radio stations in the market and have recently been featured during broadcasts of Philadelphia Phillies games.
"I want to move people...physically and emotionally... I love to dance and to see people dance to my songs."